Bundles of joy?

Life Sucking Bundles of Joy
Life Sucking Bundles of Joy

The most recent comment I heard regarding the responsibilities of parenting, “life sucking bundles of joy.”  Interesting thought for someone who’s not even close to marriage must less rearing a child.   Gives us something to look forward to right?

It’s always a fun day when a new mom brings in her precious bundle of  joy into the office.  All too often I get the deer in the headlights look from patients, “you adjust….KIDS?!?!” My response is always a big grin and a very simple, “of COURSE!  They have a nervous system don’t they?”  Not to mention the resounding evidence that chiropractic care helps in the prevention and maintenance  of ear infections, immunity, digestive issues including constipation and diarrhea, and joint development.

Most importantly, getting a head start before the birth process begins. Women are usually well aware of the ailments in their midst the moment they see two pink lines instead of one, but few are prepared for the discomforts the second and third trimester brings.  Lower back pain, constipation, skin changes, swelling, and digestive issues just to name a few.  Chiropractic can help with most of these!  I first started seeing pregnant patients while still in the student clinic at Parker College in Dallas, Texas.  Once I started practice I had a front desk girl who was 21 and just started her third trimester.  Scared out of her mind and not sure where to turn, I asked if I could try to help.  Seeing her jump off the table with tears of relief in her eyes was more than I could have asked for, but it didn’t stop there, she called me that night to say she finally had a bowel movement, the swelling in her feet went down, and yes of course, her lower back pain was better.  Not gone, but better.  A few days later in her birthing class she made an announcement to all the other soon to be moms about the success she had, and with in two months half my practice consisted of pregnant mothers.

I decided it was time to ‘really’ figure out what I was doing as a prenatal doctor of chiropractic.  I started taking classes, and seminars and reading anything I could on the importance of getting adjusted while your body is going through so many changes.  During the pregnancy process ligaments and tendons are preparing for the shifting of the pelvis during birth so increased flexibility is a common symptom that few women complain about.  However, its VERY important that a chiropractor understands just how much this can affect a woman’s body and how to adjust appropriately.

Another thing to consider is getting the viewpoint of the doula and midwife.  One of the biggest requests women have in my office is to have a ‘natural birth,’ which always makes my ears sing!  Women have been delivering babies for thousands of years and now we think we’re such a sophisticated society that we shouldn’t expose new babies to the “dangerous” germs and poisons of our world?  News flash!  They’re getting exposed at some point!  For being such a highly modernized society America has one of the worst birth rates and maternal fatalities in the developed world!  Why?  Possibly because we are taking a normal biological processes and making it into a money maker for the hospitals?  Adding drugs to “hurry along” a natural process?  Sound familiar?  Most importantly, you need to understand what ‘natural’ means to you, and be able to communicate that to your doctor/midwife etc.  If they’re not cooperating or willing to honor your wishes…frankly, get another doctor.

In PEAK Health,

Dr. Peake

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