Doo’s and Don’ts of Poop

Find out the DOOS and DONT'S of POOP!
Find out the DOOS and DONT’S of POOP!

                  DOO Want:

  • At least 2 bowel moments per day
  • Bowels are easily moved
  • Stools that are fairly large in diameter
  • Stools should hold together
  • Smooth on the outside, similar to the shape of the colon
  • “Bobbing” stools
  • Brown in color
  • Very little odor

                 DON’T Want:

  • Only 1 or no bowel movements in a day
  • Strain, pain, cramping and explosive gas
  • Skinny stools
  • Rabbit pellets, diarrhea
  • Chunky or lumpy stools (often a sign of dehydration or incomplete elimination)
  • Green, clay colored, very dark or any color other than brown
  • Sinking or floating stools
  • An overpowering stench (indicator of poor digestion)

Our Bodies are constantly providing us with messages and clues as to what is going on inside.  When we open up the flow of the body, we assist our natural healing process and provide an open door to better health.  Who knew poop could do that?


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