The Hormone Game!

Are you playing the hormone game? Are you trying to balance your hormones so you can feel good again? Or maybe you don’t know that it’s not you, it’s your hormones making you crazy.

If you are having skin issues, low energy, are unable to lose weight,  have trouble sleeping, have infertility issues, PCOS, a low sex drive, and PMS… chances are your hormones are imbalanced! These are symptoms (PMS, trouble sleeping, low energy, Etc.) are messages from your body telling you it needs help. The help it want is for you to address the ROOT CAUSE of your problem.  This can be done naturally through lifestyle changes and if needed through natural supplementation.  Rarely do women actually need hormone replacement therapy.

The best way to start is by paying attention to what your fueling your body with.  What you eat and drink is information for your body? What kind of information is your body getting?

5 Ways to Reset Your Hormones:

1.  Say NO to Sugary and Sugary Substitutes: Refined carbohydrates raise cortisol, the main stress hormone.  And what does high cortisol mean? It means that you may experience a slower metabolism, messed up sleep cycle, and a lagging sex drive.  High fructose corn syrup contains mercury, which can hijack your thyroid and adrenals. That is correct: No Sugar or Sugar Substitutes! Diet drinks and aspartame lower serotonin: the feel good neurotransmitter.  You want serotonin, it helps your mood, sleep and appetite.  Plus sugar substitutes actually cause you to gain weight!

2. GOT Fiber! Most of us do not get enough fiber in our diets. Studies show fiber intake helps reduce cortisol (the main stress hormone), stabilize insulin and blood sugar, and helps lowers estrogen. Increase your fiber intake slowly. If done to quickly will cause gas, bloating and even constipation.

3. Take Your Probiotics: Your health starts in your gut and so does the hormone game. Your gut flora responds to the food you eat: whether you store it as fat or use it as fuel. Make an effort to eat probiotic-rich foods such as tempeh, kim chi, kombucha, miso soup and sauerkraut. I also recommend taking a probiotic supplement. Like fiber you want to slowly increase your intake.

4. Stop the Grains and Gluten: We eat to many of these bad carbohydrates, which often can cause hormonal issues such as more stress, raise cortisol levels, and gut issues. If your already struggling with weight issues, per-diabetes or diabetes, and have sugar cravings your need to stop consuming grains and gluten.

5. Conventional Meat: Did you know that cows in the US get injected with 6 or more growth hormones and steroids! When you consume conventional meat it increases your risk for Type 2 Diabetes (according to a Harvard study done over a four year period) and increases estrogen levels. If your going to buy meat, buy organic, grass feed meat. Avoid the extra hormones and steroids your body will thank you.

There are many ways you can reset your hormones, but this is a good start.  Be mindful of what your putting in your body! Thanks for reading, here’s to being FIT and HEALTHY at any age! If you have more questions come see me at Peake Wellness Center!

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