Why can’t I “adjust” myself?

I’ve been asked a lot of crazy questions since I started practicing chiropractic, and even before I was licensed. Anything from how does Viagra work, to what I’m feeling for in the spine, to how much red wine is too much. I absolutely LOVE patient questions! It means they’re thinking about their care! It means they’re considering the importance of what’s going on in their body and trying to make an educated decision as to what should be done with it! It makes me feel like I’m not the only freak out there who is just going to nod at the white coats in agreeance to whatever crazy recommendation they may have for MY health!
One of my favorite questions is also one of the most difficult to answer in the office because it takes time and some visual help to fully explain the importance of allowing a chiropractor and ONLY a chiropractor to adjust your spine. You can allow lawyers to “manipulate” you all you want, but eggs crack and balloons pop so any noise coming from your joints from someone other than a D.C. is one of the above, NOT an adjustment.
Watch the video below for a further explanation as to why you should not perform this technique on your own.
Just in case I haven’t been on my soap box enough this round, I went to school for a REEEEEALLY long time to learn how to do this stuff. Besides the basics Biology, Chemistry, Toxicology stuff, I’ve been adjusting spines for almost a decade and I still learn new things every year. I know doctors who have parents and grandparents who have been teaching them chiropractic basics since they were old enough to use their own hands that are STILL perfecting their technique. Chiropractors go to school for the soul purpose of learning to remove subluxation in the spine (and extremities), you on the other hand, did not! Quit doing this to yourself!
Ahem! Okay, enough lecturing.
Go in health,
Dr. Peake

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