Juicing for PEAK health!

Juice Therapy 

The vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables are concentrated when made into juices. Juices heal and regenerate tissue quickly because of this concentration and because the body does not have to expend energy digesting, absorbing and metabolizing whole foods.

Now, do not go out running to your local grocery store and buy juice off the shelve. The Juice Therapy I’m talking about is the FRESH juice made in your very own kitchen.

One great reason to start juicing is to alkalize your body.  Diseases grow abundantly in acidic environments and scientists belief that creating an alkaline environment could be one of the best ways to fight off disease. Most people today have highly acidic bodies.

I always recommend buying organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible and your local farmers market is a great resource for fresh produce.

Health Benefits of Juicing:

  • weight loss
  • immune boosting
  • better digestion
  • improved sleep
  • healthier hair
  • increased energy

When it comes to juicing the sky’s the limit. Experiment with juicing different fruits and vegetables and find what delights your taste bud!

Here’s to being fit and healthy at any age!

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