Lucky Enough?

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that your genetics determine your destiny.  That for some reason unknown to man, a third of our population will suffer from cancer at some point in their life, and yet another third will suffer from heart disease.   The idea that sickness is a gamble has made hundreds of millions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies!  I’ve literally heard nurses tell patients that “cancer is a funny thing, it could be you it could be me, it’s just a matter of luck.”  Now, maybe they’re just trying to console a greiving patient, and maybe they just don’t know what I’m about to share with you, but I couldn’t disagree more.  My sister and I have VERY similar DNA, I know this is a fact because exactly 6 years ago I was found to be her (perfect) bone marrow match.  Yes, I often remind her of just how perfect I really am.  You don’t hear nurses saying that to heart patients.  No, you hear all about prevention and the importance of a low fat diet and regular exercise, but yet when it comes to other illnesses that we know little about, you hear about the poor gene pool theory.  I don’t say this to condem those with cancer or other illnesses, I say this to hopefully help one reader make some changes that will eventually lead to a “cure.”

Cancer lives in every single one of us! At this exact moment you have hundreds of deformed, malfunctioning, cancerous cells inside of you.  As cells grow and divide it’s only to be expected that mistakes happen during cell division, at this time DNA is replicated letter for letter, strand by strand and chromosome by chromosome to create every little portion of the cells from the energy producing mitochondria to the protein creators called ribosomes.  The energy and substance for this amazing process comes from what we give our cells, and in turn, our body to live on.  Therefore, if we put “bad” things into our body, like chemicals in artifical colorings, flavors, and sweetners our body doesn’t know what to do with these substances and ultimately they end up getting stored in our fat cells (more on that at a later time) but not before doing a lot of damage.

Think about it, why do we sit in the sauna?  Invest in Foot Detox treatments? The whole point is to assist our liver, spleen, and lymph organs in getting rid of dangerous toxins in our body.  The problem arises when our body can’t get rid of these dangerous chemicals faster than what we are putting them in.  In turn, cells and tissues are exposed to dangerous toxins that are harmful to the functionality and therefore causes the cell to not work as well as it once did.

Why does cancer choose to grow and develop in some but not others?  This could take 10 pages to discuss yet one more cancer causing agent, or what other gimic is now promoting cancer prevention.  The number one cancer causer is toxicity.  In a well fed body, you will find well fed (and well functioning) cells, tissues, and organs.  In a poorly fed body you will find sickness and dis-ease.  It’s just that simple.  Add a well hydrated, individual who manages her stress and exercises on a regular basis the level of toxicity goes down even more along with the odds of getting a horrible diagnosis.

The solution is fairly simple, detox!  Slowly eliminating sugary foods with artificial colors and flavorings, adding more water and stopping at one cup of coffee, and of course getting a good sweat helps your body eliminate the chemicals it doesn’t work well with.  Getting regular chiropractic treatment allows the nervous system to do its job opening up nerve channels which tells the body how to work.  You can throw all the green food and supplements you want at a pinched nerve, and it’s not going to move the interference.  Only the chiropractor can do that.  Likewise, I can adjust you all day long but if all you’re doing is throwing diet Coke at your weight problem, chiropractic is the last thing you need to be spending your time and money on.

You aren’t a victim of your genes.  Still not convinced?  Take my sister Emily for example.  At the ripe age of 21 this poor girl got the devestating news that rarely crosses any young person’s mind.  The night before I graduated from chiropractic college nonetheless.  Emily was in a hospital room with a pick line being told she’d have to fight for her life against Leukemia.  A month later they told her she’d need a bone marrow transplant and a month after that we were told that I was found to be a perfect match!  Huh?  How come someone so similar (the closest they’d ever seen that wasn’t a twin) in DNA needed a bone marrow transplant at 21 and I, 27 at the time was living a very viable healthy life, and still am at 32?  Nurture, NOT nature, that’s why.  Emily was living a very “normal” college kid life.  She was taking too many credit hours as a junior in college, serving as the student body president, working full time as a manager, oh and pushing 300 pounds.  As much as our DNA matches, our lifestyles did not.

Make one change today that can lead you down the road to better health.  Just one change that your body will thank you for in 5, 10, 30 years.

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