Is Stress Keeping You FAT?

What’s Stress got to do with it?

 Everyone is stressed, right? It’s part of our everyday life, but did you know chronic stress could be the reason you can’t lose weight?

What?! That’s right! There are several ways in which stress contributes to weight gain and the inability to lose weight.

When we are stressed it triggers the Fight or Flight response which in turn tells the body to release Cortisol the stress hormone.

3 ways chronic stress and Cortisol lead to weight gain:

  • Metabolism Too much Cortisol can slow down your metabolism
  • Blood Sugar Continued stress can alter your blood sugar levels, which in turn cause mood swings, fatigue and possible hyperglycemia.
  • Fat Storage Constant stress can affect where we store fat. People with higher levels of stress tend to have greater levels of abdominal fat.

Next time I’ll talk about ways to Bust Stress!

Till then stay FIT. HEALTHY. BEAUTIFUL!!

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