One of the foundations of health is a positive mental attitude. A good dose of levity is a great way to create mental peace and balance in your life. It seems appropriate to discuss levity in a month where the first day is dedicated to foolishness and pranks. My hope for you is that you get to partake in the giving and/or receiving of some good natured April Fool’s Day hijinks and have a good laugh!

Levity is so important because it is a break from the stresses of daily life. In fact one source defines levity as humor or frivolity, especially the treatment of a serious matter with humor. We all have stress in our lives, it’s unavoidable. However, how we deal with that stress is what is most important. Doing something silly and outrageous can be a wonderful distraction and hopefully lead to some great laughs. It is well documented that laughter reduces stress and stress hormones, promotes circulation, and improves immune function.

There are even groups that are dedicated to bringing more levity to our lives. The Levity Institute states on their website that the mission of The Levity Project is to help decrease the spirit of negativity, stress, and fatigue in our society by infusing public spaces with a lighter and more buoyant energy. Who doesn’t want more of that? If you see a bunch of people in your community doing something silly, there is a good chance that they are a part of The Levity Project, and I encourage you to play along.

So go out and find or create some good-natured levity, especially if you are under a lot of stress. Sing out loud in public, dance in the street, exchange funny faces with a little kid, or do whatever floats your boat. Just don’t miss the opportunity to partake is some levity, it’s good for your health

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