Allergies… Why do we & how can we not!

Why do we get allergies and how can we help stop them??? Dr Inhulsen shares her secrets...


A-Cheeew!  A common thing we are hearing lately.  More than just dandelions are blooming, and our immune system is also sprouting new responses to the various pollens in the air.  Allergies can stem from moreistock-639176294 than just outdoor intruders.  Many would attest to various cleaning supplies, perfumes, animal dander and household products as irritating to allergies. 


Have you ever wondered why one of your children can hardly stand to walk through the park on a warm afternoon while another would live on a farm if you let them?  Why is it that some of us struggle for sanity this time of year while others are basking in the sun soaking up all the rays and pollens that all of us are exposed to?  One word, Toxicity.  Allergies are simply the response of our immune system to outside stimulants.  The runny nose, and watery eyes are symptoms created by the body to rid the body of what is viewed as a “threatening substance”.  There are several ways to mitigate these to make Spring and Summer a little more enjoyable. 


First and foremost, Get Adjusted!  This is so simple and yet, so easily missed by more than 80% of the population.  Chiropractic adjustments, properly align the spine to allow the body to perform the way it was designed to. 

The nervous system controls everything in the body, and if there’s pressure on the nerve that goes to your sinuses, the body cannot differentiate between a little pollen and a toxic moth ball.  Therefore, mass amounts of mucus build up, creating a stuffy or runny nose that in turn makes you miserable.  Adjustments allow this communication between the immune system in our brain to differentiate such stimuli leaving us free and clear of itchy watery eyes without theA No Dairy use of over the counter medication. 


The hardest changes for anyone to make is a dietary one.  However, dairy is a huge proponent of allergies especially this time of year.  Unfortunately, this tasty product triggers its own immune response in the gut, and even more to those who are already sensitive to it, which in turn only amplifies the inflammation throughout the rest of the body when introduced to various allergens.  Avoid it at all costs, and you won’t need to use over the counter medication. 


An easier solution, but more expensive, is the use of essential oils.  We LOVE to promote the use of essential oils in the office, because of their low toxicity, and more importantly, their effectiveness when used for various household ailments.  The best combination we’ve come up with in the office is lemon, lavender, and peppermint in equal parts.  There’s all sorts of other fancy concoctions available online, but this simple recipe is what we usually recommendtriease-708x354.png to our wellness members.  We prefer this mainly because it’s the most effective and because most essential oil households already have these available at their fingertips.  If you’re not a big oil person, Tri-ease, also a doTerra product has shown us phenomenal results with seasonal allergies, and you guessed it, without the use of the over the counter medications. 


Every late Summer when I head to the beautiful northeastern portion of Colorado I still get hit with some serious hay fever.  It doesn’t matter if I got adjusted that day, avoided milk for months, and loaded on essential oils.  This dreadful head pressure followed by watery mucus misery follows.  The only thing that ever helped was Stan.  The sweetest man on the side of highway 6 and I76.  He would sit for days in the back of his blue pick-up selling jars of gold…okay honey, but it was as good as gold to me.  images79F0VLVGHoney, if in its most natural state, and from the area where the allergies are most offensive can be incredibly beneficial to someone fighting this war.  The pollen, used to make the honey by local bees acts like antibodies and combats the irritants in the environment naturally, without the use of over the counter medication. 


Google allergies, no really quit reading for a quick second and Google this.  The first thing that comes up are advertisements for various decongestants and over the counter allergy relief.  While I know they may bring a temporary relief for a short time, wouldn’t it be better to consider WHY allergies are in one person’s life and not another’s?  Just consider that before popping your next pain pill.  Why am I experiencing this pain?  It’s not due to an Aspirin deficiency!  Something may not be functioning properly A #getadjustedwithin the body to allow you to express your optimum potential.  Let a chiropractor help you with this.  From allergies to hip pain, to nutritional advice most of us have a passion for helping you live a more wellness based lifestyle. 


In Good Health,


Dr. Alexia Inhulsen D.C.



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