Then & Now a history of your favorite Greeley Chiropractor

Then & Now: The Journey to Peake Wellness

A not so brief history about Peake Wellness, Greeley’s premier chiropractic office specializing in women’s health…

2008: Graduation. A time when I had the world by the tail. Everything was at my fingertips and I was setting out to save the world from sickness and disease through chiropractic. Back at home, my little sister was going through hell. She had just been told that she had leukemia and would have to fight for her life or, at best, she would be on chemotherapy the rest of her life. I reluctantly moved back to Greeley. Where I said I would never return. I got a desk job in the Emergency Room because it paid the bills and started filling in for various chiropractors in Northern and Eastern Colorado.

2009: The year from hell. The year of ups and downs. Of hope and disappointment and finally peace. Many locals don’t know that I was engaged when I moved back to Greeley. It was ultimately my family and what was happening with Emily (my youngest sister) that kept me here. As with many of the challenges from the prior year, that relationship was tested to its limits and eventually fell apart. While I was devastated and heartbroken I knew to my core it was for the best. I thought, “now I can move anywhere I want!” Where else could I go? Where are MY people? Where are the ones that need me? Well, 2010 came and I thought…right here, THESE are my peeps!

2010: Meh! Let’s start a business! Someone from the hospital recommended a laser hair removal office on the outskirts of Greeley so I went to check them out and the owner had mentioned she had a room for rent. Whew! I thought, “can I afford $300 a MONTH for rent?” Awe what I wouldn’t give to have that number offered again! My brother-in-law was the one who talked me into taking the plunge. He had said it didn’t get more risk-free than just taking the plunge for a measly $300 per month.

2011: God’s awesome promises. It was my first “real” year out on my own. I had taken out a loan and convinced my dad to cosign. Have you ever had family cosign? Or worse yet, loan you money? If I failed my dad had to pay it back! Gulp! If that wasn’t motivation, I don’t know what would have worked better. There was one occasion. Only one, I’m happy and proud to say, that I thought I wouldn’t be able to pay rent. I owed $1500 and the loan had run out. I didn’t have it in my account. I was waiting on a big payout from a motor vehicle case and it just wasn’t coming in. I went to church sad, scared, and ultimately defeated. I asked God to give me a year. Let me at least make it a year! That Monday I went to the post office and had a check for exactly $1500 from an insurance company! Restored the faith and hope I needed to keep going. Boy, would I need it for the years to come.

2015: Goodbye Emily. This, by far, was my toughest year in practice. My little sister’s imminent death loomed over not only her but our entire family. When Emily passed on I took a week to regroup and find a way to come back and care for patients. I should have taken two. This was not a year of pride or even to overcome obstacles for me it was a year to push through and try not to do anything stupid in the process. The whole time, Brad was by my side. He never faltered or pushed away when I was emotional or too much to handle. When Emily was (basically) given 6 months to live she also got engaged and a few short months later she married the love of her life. A beautiful marriage ceremony and garden celebration. A few weeks later she left us.

2016: This whole time Brad waited. Patiently, he waited. And when it felt like I had healed some he asked me to marry him in November of 2015. I wanted to get married before Christmas, bring some joy to the crappy year we had all endured. In true Inhulsen fashion, Brad wanted a huge party to commemorate so we waited until we could have everything planned. I took two weeks off, and was terrified I wouldn’t come back to a practice but you all stuck in there with me and I came back to a fuller office than I ever dreamed!

The years that followed were full of new patients and lessons. We were so busy and it was such a blessing but with that were growing pains and ultimately lead to what you see today.

2019: What a whirlwind this year was! When I was a few months pregnant with our first baby we purchased the building where we are today. We had known owning our property would be a good business move for years. However, finding (and paying) for it would be a challenge. We found this building with a “for sale by owner” sign in front of it and the deal was done! We closed on the building, remodeled for a month, we moved in, I practiced for two weeks, and left on maternity leave! And yet, you all were still there! Thank you!

Today: We have two doctors, two amazing massage therapists, the best front desk staff I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Skincare and acupuncture are all under one roof. I have a lot to be grateful for! You guys have been amazing through all the ups and downs of this career and I’m truly humbled and grateful.

In health,
Dr. Alexia

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