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Peake Wellness Center is an all-encompassing wellness facility designed with all of your HEALTH care needs under one roof! Chiropractic, massage, nutrition, foot detox, and weight loss. Each patient is treated as an individual person. Everything is customized to fit your needs.  We are dedicated to making each case our upmost priority to ensure that you get the best wellness results possible.

At Peake Wellness Center we strive to be experts in our field to BEST serve our patients by providing a healing environment through a variety of HEALTH CARE services, we inspire LIFE AT ITS PEAK!

All Peake Wellness
Providers Agree:

    1. Serving our patients comes first! Over outside circumstances, our own schedules and even money our goal is to serve those who we are called to help.
    2. Supporting each other through teamwork is a priority. Your case is never alone at Peake Wellness, you can trust the experts to explore every possible avenue of health care available to ensure that you get the best possible solutions.
    3. Growth is essential to make a difference. Our goals are to help as many people as possible to change the way we view ‘health care.’

Greeley, CO Peake Wellness Team Photo

Why Choose Us:

At Peake Wellness Center you have a group of experts at your fingertips. From chiropractic for your pain and nervous system needs to nutrition for all your healthy eating questions.
  • Dr. Peake is a dedicated chiropractor to making a difference for each patient.
  • Our highly skilled massage therapists have a variety of talents that are sure to give the relief massage promises.

Our Team Members:


Dr. Alexia Peake Inhulsen DC, CCSP, CACCP

Dr. Alexia has a passion for helping you expand your family in the most healthy, natural means possible. While she can’t guarantee pregnancy, she can ensure that you will leave her office healthier than when you walked in. She is currently seeking her certification in pediatrics and has been Webster Certified since 2014. She also participates in ongoing continuing education in the holistic fertility field. Once a little one arrives in your life she can ensure a healthy functioning nervous system and provides guidance through the tough questions that may arise with parenting.

Dr. Alexia is also a certified BIRTHFIT Leader, an organization that helps women through the motherhood transition through, physical, mental, and nutritional assistance. Classes are offered every month. So if you’re planning a family, pregnant, or a seasoned momma there’s something here for you!

Pediatric Certified and Webster Certified
Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner with the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians


Melinda Kelly RMT

Melinda is a Colorado native, loves to Golf, camp, hike, workout, go fast, and pretty much anything outdoors with her family.

Melinda is excited to share her knowledge, her passion for overall health, and 17 years of experience with her clients. Medical massage has been a focal point for Melinda over the past 10 years, and has great experience with migraine/ headache, TMJ, pelvic/ low back pain, plantar fasciitis, scoliosis and chronic pain issues.

Aside from medical massage she also enjoys taking care of mommies to be and helping facilitate the best possible pregnancy experience. Melinda ultimately takes great pride in helping you reach your optimal Health goals.

Specialties Include:

  • Medical Massage


Rebecca Crowder

Since 2014, Rebecca has been working with clients from all different ages and backgrounds. She has a passion for helping people restore their well-being through therapeutic massage and body work. Rebecca uses integrated modalities of sports massage, myofascial release, stretching, and Swedish massage to help clients reach their goals while creating a relaxing and stress reducing experience. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys hiking, choral singing, and cooking new recipes.

Alyssa Delgado LMT

Alyssa arrived in Colorado as a transplant from the southern state of Texas. After arriving in Greeley, she pursued a well-rounded start to her education in bodywork at The Academy of Natural Therapy here in town. She received her license in massage therapy in 2019 and continues to participate in workshops and courses to diversify her skillset and better serve her clients. She specializes in deep tissue massage that draws on myofascial release and passive neuromuscular techniques such as trigger point therapy and stretching protocols. 

She also brings energetic forms of bodywork like shiatsu and reflexology into sessions as needed for a more holistic approach to care. Though she has a toolbox suited to sooth most any ailment, her expertise is in perinatal support. As a mother and a doula, Alyssa brings her passion to help more parents and kiddos get off to the most balanced, connected and empowered start possible into her work. She seeks to be a resource in your family planning journey and help your body to better support you through those transitions. 

When she’s not at the office, you will find her wandering the mountains with her family or binging on documentaries and books in bed; because balance is important.

Todd Schreiner

Todd Schreiner has been serving people in our community for over 24 years in the food industry and recently switched his focus to wellness and pain management. In an effort to help his wife manage her chronic pain and migraines he dove into connective tissue research and is now a level 4 Rossiter coach. In the last few years he has grown his knowledge and technique and has a passionateness goal of taking everyone out of pain.

Coach Todd is a Colorado native, and when he is not taking the world out of pain you’ll find hime hiking, traveling, cooking good food and spending time with his family.



Jillian Klug

Jillian Klug is our Billing/Marketing Manager. She has been part of our Peake Wellness family for almost 7 years now. Outside the office Jillian is a loving wife and mother to an adorable little boys. She recently started an at home businesses promoting healthy living with Doterra Essential Oils. She loves helping people whether that maybe a listening ear or an essential oil recommendation or just a friendly smile.

“Peake Wellness Center is my family and I always strive to love what I do so I never have to work and PWC gives me that, so work is never truly work for me.”

Kaylin McBride

Kaylin McBride was raised on the Western Slope in Montrose, Colorado, and moved to Greeley shortly after high school. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences from UNC and hopes to one day work to create healthy exercise alternatives for cancer patients. She started chiropractic care in high school after receiving a hip injury during a volleyball game. Chiropractic care has helped Kaylin continue to play the game she loves.

She has a huge passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle, not only in the gym, but in every aspect of life. She enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, camping, and soaking up the sunshine. Kaylin has a very outgoing personality and loves to connect with patients. When Kaylin is not working, she is most likelye enjoying the sunshine, or spending quality time with her friends. While she may be new here at Peake, you can always catch her smiling!