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Relaxing Massage

All our massage therapists are well versed in the art and application of massage. Each one goes through a three-step program to ensure you leave happy. If you’re seeing us for lower back discomfort, an old shoulder injury, or just needing to be pampered we’re sure to have the right therapist for you!

Foot Detox

This amazing technology can help you detox from the daily stressors we’re exposed to. A small charge is sent through your body attracting the oppositely charged toxins and drawing them out through your feet while you relax in our beautifully repurposed pedicure chairs. At the end of your half hour session the water looks like pond scum or worse! Good thing it’s not in your body anymore! Don’t worry we don’t make you take it home or anything. It goes right down the drain!


Acupuncture is an ancient practice of traditional Chinese medicine in which thin needles are inserted in specific points of the body to encourage the promotion of natural healing from within. The inserted needles work by stimulating the nervous system to release chemicals in the body. These chemicals travel to the muscles, brain and spinal cord to help ease pain or stimulate the release of hormones to help the body correct any imbalances that might be occurring.

Essential Oils

These nature derived products have been used for generations to aide in the simplest to complex of symptoms. We use them to help with sore muscles, earaches, congested sinuses to home-based remedies that we can make recommendations for. Here at Peake Wellness Center, we integrate a variety of treatments, supplements, and therapies into our members care to give you the best care possible. Essential oils are a natural way to aid in your body’s natural restorative powers. If you’re looking to order your own, we can help! 
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