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Then & Now: The Journey to Peake Wellness

A not so brief history about Peake Wellness, Greeley’s premier chiropractic office specializing in women’s health… 2008: Graduation. A time when I had the world by the tail. Everything was at my fingertips and I was setting out to save the world from sickness and disease through chiropractic. Back at home, my little sister was …

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by Dr. David K. Hill More than Just a Spice, Oregano Essential Oil and its Therapeutic Benefits by Dr. David K. Hill An ever growing body of research is positive and suggestive of additional study and inquisition into the powerful healing attributes of essential oils. There is growing interest for personal use to improve health …

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Lucky Enough?

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that your genetics determine your destiny.  That for some reason unknown to man, a third of our population will suffer from cancer at some point in their life, and yet another third will suffer from heart disease.   The idea that sickness is a gamble has made hundreds of millions of …

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