5 Myths your Doctor won’t tell you about YOUR Period

  Myth 1. Your period MUST come every 28 days. Your period is broken down into 3 phases. The Follicular Phase which includes your period, Ovulation which accounts for only one day, and Luteal Phase which is ALWAYS 100% of the time 14 days. The Follicular phase however can range anywhere between 7-21 days. Younger …

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Detox Massage

Lifelong exposure to environmental pollutants contributes to the accumulation of toxins in the human body, including harmful microorganisms, microscopic particles like asbestos and harmful chemicals. Your body has its own natural method of detoxifying by means of the lymphatic system, but considering the amount of pollutants modern humans are exposed to, your lymphatic system might …

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Nutrition is a secondary source of energy. Primary foods, or nonfood sources of nourishment, are what really fuel us. As children, we all lived on primary food. Lovers thrive on the pure bliss and peace they are experiencing, while passionate entrepreneurs are fueled by their work.  The excitement and rapture of daily life can feed …