by Dr. David K. Hill More than Just a Spice, Oregano Essential Oil and its Therapeutic Benefits by Dr. David K. Hill An ever growing body of research is positive and suggestive of additional study and inquisition into the powerful healing attributes of essential oils. There is growing interest for personal use to improve health …

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Restore Balance

Chiropractic is a key component of health. Make your Chiropractic treatments part of your plan for a better you! Restore Balance The body has an innate intelligence that relies on proper balance and coordination in order to function correctly. Amplifeied


Balance™ has a warm, woody aroma that creates a calming sense of well-being. It works by grounding the central nervous system and is often used in the office for calming anxious children or the stressed out mom. It can be helpful for people who feel confused or unsettled. Balance™ truly is a unique aromatherapy blend. …

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