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We specialize in women’s health, supporting you through all life’s stages. From preconception through becoming a mother and beyond. We are here to listen, educate and most importantly support you.

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What Peake Wellness Offers


We offer a wide range of techniques, for the more manual adjusting, we use a very gentle activator technique. We also utilize a well-loved technique called flexion/distraction that tractions the lower spine and increases mobility. We utilize a Thompson drop pieces in the table to allow for a perfectly accurate adjustment. 

Women's Health

If you’re having painful periods, irregular periods, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, or just looking for a boost of energy we have a 120-day program to get you going in the right direction towards health. We have Prenatal & Postpartum Care programs, are Webster Certified, and a Crunchy Moms community.

Health + Wellness

Dr. Alexia Peake Inhulsen DC, CCSP, CACCP is a BIRTHFIT Regional Director and provides a series of classes each month to get feeling more like yourself again!  If you’re prepping for pregnancy, already pregnant, or have an 8 year old we can get you onto a path for stable pelvic floor by utilizing techniques such as acupuncture and massage.


If you’re in need of a gentler approach, both the Activator and Thompson drop pieces are for an accurate, subtle adjustment that gives you the relief you need!  If you enjoy a more hands on approach, we can do that too!  From children, to expecting women, to the large male athlete we’ve helped over 1000 spines, maybe we can help you too! 

Women’s Health

Give us 4 months to get you as healthy as possible!  Our 120 days to a better period program is ideal for women who are suffering with painful, ill-timed menstrual cycles.  Whether you’re in need of fertility help, or just started menstruating we would love to see if we can help! 

Essential Oils

Of course, these magic potions are a part of our practice!  We incorporate oils into our massage practice, can recommend home remedies, and often times have what you need at our fingertips!  If you’re suffering from stuffy nose, a headache, or digestive issues we can recommend an oil…or four.   


Our talented massage therapists have gone through a three-step interviewing process to ensure they have what it takes to give you the relief you’re looking for.  All therapists are board certified and have additional training in an area that might be helpful to you! 

Massage & Rossiter

Rossiter Stretching Technique increases mobility by helping the body remodel its connective tissue, offering pain relief and freer movement. It involves a unique set of assisted stretches. The practitioner anchors connective tissue in key areas while guiding the client through a series of stretches designed to loosen the connective tissue that feeds into the pain and therefore provides longer lasting results.

Foot Detox

This state of the art wellness practice can be done in a semi-private corner of the office in the comforts of a pedicure chair.  Enjoy relaxing with your feet in warm water and let the machine take care of the rest! 

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We specialize in women’s health, supporting you through all life’s phases. From preconception through becoming a mother and beyond. We are here to listen, educate and most importantly support you.

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