5 Reasons You Can't Loose Weight!

5 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

5 Reasons You Can't Loose Weight!
5 Reasons You Can’t Loose Weight!

Reason #1: Toxic Overload

If you have lost weight and gained it back it’s likely you have toxic overload in your body.  In order for your body to best metabolize and use up the nutrients your eating, you must first rid your vital organs and systems of toxins. Weight loss won’t be permanent if your body’s systems are sluggish or impacted with waste matter or if your organs are not functioning at peak performance.

Reason #2: Your on the S.A.D diet

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is convenient and cheap. Americans continue to get fatter and fatter year after year. Obesity rates have tripled since the 1960 and it’s not just the adults suffering, but now even child obesity rates have skyrocketed.  The SAD diet is highly processed, full of sugar and has little to no nutritional value.

Reason #3: Your Emotions Take Over

Do you eat when you’re stressed, sad or depressed? If so, what are your eating during these times? Most likely it is not good nutritional food. Don’t use food to escape your problems.  Just like we need to get rid of toxic waste in the body, we need to get rid of toxic emotions. Stand up, process and eliminate your those negative emotions. Food is supposed to fuel your body, to give it energy and vitality.

Reason #4: Your Hormones are Waked 

Ah yes, you gotta love all those wonderful hormones!  Many women have hormone imbalances and don’t even realize it.  When your hormones are not in harmony you may feel fat, moody, tired and unsexy. Hormones are responsible for how you feel, look and how you maintain your weight and health. Balancing your hormones should be done naturally through lifestyle changes. Taking a pill will only mask your symptoms and provide short term relief.

Reason #5: Always on a Diet

How many “diets” have you been on? Calorie counting, fat-free, no carbs, low carbs?  Yo-yo dieting is going to affect your metabolism, but don’t worry it’s not permanent.  Someone who is constantly dieting has probably, unknowling, slowed down their metabolism. When someone goes on a diet and is eating less than normal the body is going to take notice. The body will slow it’s metabolic rate in order to conserve energy, and it will store the food it is getting as fat to ensure it will have enough for later. So stop dieting and make healthy eating habits a lifestyle, as well as working out!

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