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If you prefer a more hands on approach with the “popping” noise we got you covered! 

Not your thing? That’s okay too! We can use an instrument called an Activator to ease your spine into the position it needs to be in. We also utilize a technique called Flexion/Distraction that has helped thousands of people worldwide with their lower back ailments. This technique works by gently moving and tractioning each individual lumbar away from the neighboring vertebrae in hopes of providing more room for the nerves exiting the spinal cord.

Lower Back Pain

This is one of our (many) specialties! If you haven’t been properly diagnosed yet, we may need to take X-rays to determine what the problem is. If your pain is pregnancy related, treatment looks different than those with a bulging disc. Most of our patients take advantage of our Flexion/Distraction tables where your lumbar spine is stretched out one vertebra at a time in three different directions. This has helped many of our patients and maybe it can help you too.

Pediatric Care

Of course children get adjusted!
It’s far different for your little peanut than it is for an adult. The amount of pressure used to deliver the adjustment is equal to that of checking the ripeness of a tomato. Most of our little patients enjoy getting their “crickets” out but if they’re a little apprehensive at first we give them time to warm up to the idea. Most children come to our office just to maintain their state of wellness, however, if your little (or big) one suffers from ear infections, digestive issues, delayedbmilestones, torticollis, sinus infections, ADHD, Asthma, Autism, or other childhood ailments let us see if we can help!

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