Start 2017 off on the RIGHT FOOT!

With the New Year upon us, we may be thinking of New Year’s Resolution… like weight loss! Have you been “dieting” in years past and not had lasting results, or maybe no results? Here are some initial tips to spur your metabolism to help increase your weight loss:

  • Consider your macronutrient balance: Are you eating too many carbs and not enough protein and fat?
    • Ensure adequate quality protein in your diet
      • Quality matters…poor quality meats or those treated with antibiotics and growth hormones as well as the animals being subjected to poor living conditions lead to poor quality meat = inflammation in the body. Grass-fed/pastured or organics are best.
      • Protein provides energy and nutrients for our brain chemicals. It allows us to feel more satisfied so we don’t turn to a heavy carbohydrate diet which leads to weight gain.
    • Ensure adequate quality fat in your diet.
      • This may seem counterintuitive when trying to lose weight, but we can actually benefit from good quality fats.
      • Medium chain triglycerides can be used for immediate energy. These can be found in foods like coconut oil/milk, palm oil (quality & source matters here…can be damaging to the environment), grass-fed butter & raw milk cheese (Natural Grocers or Sprouts)
        • See me for a consultation to determine the appropriate amount for YOUR body/activity level/hormone level/organ function.
  • Addressing Inflammationanti-inflamatory-vs-inflammatory
    • Anti-inflammatory diet
      • Limit/remove processed foods (most anything packaged, fast food, most restaurant meals due to the quality of foods, oils and the way foods are prepared).
      • Increase produce consumption: gradually increase to 7-10 servings per day.
        • 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked = 1 serving
      • Removing gluten and dairy products as they are difficult to digest and cause inflammation of the gut.
      • Consider food sensitivity testing or stool sample testing to determine if you have underlying issues causing your body to be in a continual state of low-grade inflammation.
      • Gut health: probiotics
        • Inflammation can be curbed by adding good bacteria to restore balance and help to digest difficult proteins.
  • Consider a detoxification; we can reduce inflammation by detoxifying our bodies. I am offering a special for January
  • Vital Clear detoxification protein powder…normally $60.10; on special for 25% off or $45.08.
  • I will also host a Group Detox so you have my support as well as that of others on the same plan.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar apple-cider-vinegar
    • I recommend Bragg’s as it is organic, raw and naturally fermented
    • Pectin can act as an appetite suppressant
    • Stimulates protein digestion
  • Green tea/caffeine
    • Green tea contains about 24-40 mg of caffeine per cup vs. 100-200 mg in a cup of coffee; caffeine is a fat burning aid but must be used RESPONSIBLY…more is not better!
    • Antioxidants called catechines, especially EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), are metabolism boosters by spurring fat burning hormonesgreen-tea-cup

Happy New Year,

Jen Granlund CNTP

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